More VERY basic questions.

Paul A. Thompson
Tue Jun 10 11:09:00 GMT 1997

Here are a couple of more very basic questions. 

What I do is run Win95 to run emacs, TeX and a few other things, like SAS.
I don't really do c++ programming very often.  What I would like is a
complete set of Unix tools which run under Win95; that is, grep, awk, sed,
tar, gzip and so forth on a DOS window, or even under a short-cut.  

1) Is gnuwin and the cygnus tools the right direction?

2) Can I run these under Win95?  Under bash in Win95?  Often I see that
many refer to Linux or other Unix ports.  I don't really want to install
another operating system, but may if necessary.

I have looked at the FAQ, but it does not really address my questions.  Is
there a FAQ for complete ignorami such 
as myself?

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