Some VERY basic questions.

Sun Jun 8 14:09:00 GMT 1997

Dear all,

I have been using DJGPP for some time and have developed a fondness for
the GNU compiler.  However I like most people am a Gates-o-holic and
have wanted to write programms for Win95.  While reading the latest
version of the DJGPP FAQ I found a link to Cygnus.  I now have some
questions abount how to get this mess to work.

1) I want to write original win32 programs and I'm not nessacely
intrested in porting anything. Do I need all of the cdk.exe stuff? and
could someone explain what is in all the (important) directories.

2) What is BASH?  how and why do I use it?  I have used unix (AIX) on
CalPoly's server but I'm not real fimiliar with it.  

3) I'm am new to windows programming. (I'm sure that this fact is
blatintly clear by now)  Are there any books (or even better internet
sourses) that would explain at least some of the basics?  Most of the
books I have found are writen assuming one has either MSVC or BC.  will
any of these work?

4) I followed the directions in the FAQ on how to install Cygnus32
however dos gives me the message "Out of envrioment space"  are there
any remidies for this. (I've gotten the impression that bash may hold
the solution to this problem but as I said some of the un*x lingo is a
bit over my head)

5) Finaly could someone point me to some programs that have been made
the gnu-win32 (btw is this what you call this thing) that have bothe the
exicutable and the source as an example of how to do this?

Thanks for the responce.  I realy feel sort of imbarised asking these
things but as with most GNU projects the documentation is about a 6
months behind the product.  (I guess this is better the M$ where the
hype is 6 months ahead of the product) thanks once again.

John Miller
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