WoMan version 0.2 UN*X manual browser

Dr Francis J. Wright F.J.Wright@qmw.ac.uk
Tue Jun 3 06:44:00 GMT 1997

An improved version (0.2) of woman.el is now available from

This is an Emacs Lisp library that allows one to format and browse UN*X
man page files (in source format) without using any external programs
(such as man or groff) within GNU Emacs 19.34, in particular NTEmacs.

This release implements more ?roff requests.  It formats better (no more
underlined white space!); implements ?roff strings and arbitrary named
fonts (which are all treated as the same unknown font); provides topic
(and if necesary file) completion based on searching a set of man
directories; supports compressed man files provided they can be
decompressed by gunzip.  It does a reasonable job on bash.1.

If you make any serious use of it then please let me know, and in
particular please let me know what does not work properly for you.

Thanks, Francis


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