system() bug

Sergey Okhapkin
Sun Aug 24 21:07:00 GMT 1997

Tim Newsham wrote:
>    I've noticed occasional problems with system() before.  Well at
> the moment the problem seems to be happening every time so I figured
> I'd take the occasion to get some debugging info.  The test
> program I used is:
>     main()
>     {
>         system("/winnt/system32/arp -a");
>         printf("done!\n");
>     }
> At the moment, every time I run this program I get a crash.

Did you try cygwin.dll with my patches?

Interface: on Interface 2
  Internet Address      Physical Address      Type             00-40-05-14-18-64     dynamic

Sergey Okhapkin,
Moscow, Russia
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