Running winNT/95 programs...

Barry Roberts
Wed Aug 20 14:12:00 GMT 1997

Umm, isn't that a little like asking why would anybody ever use '&' to start an asynchronous process?  Because you don't want to lose your shell while the process runs, and with non-gui apps, start is the only way to do it?  I don't see what the explorer has to do with it, this IS a command line thing.

The other reason is that you can get some of the explorer's smarts (like file associations) from the command line.  For example, 'start' opens ghostview for me.

Barry Roberts

>>> Michael Hirmke <> 08/16 4:41 AM >>>
Hi Narayan,

> Hi,
> I read a previous thread on running wNT/95 programs through an intermediate
> program. I am just a little confused. Why go through all the trouble when
> there is a "start" command in both w95 and NT? I have had no problems
> running any windows stuff through "start".
> For example: my alias for start on winnt:
> alias start='cmd /c start '

Sorry to ask, this might be a dumb question: Why would one want to use
"start" or something like that ? Why not just run the desired
application form the command line as usual ?
If I want to run explorer, I just type "explorer" from the bash command
line and it comes up as usual.

> I also have vi (elvis) aliased as:
> alias vi="start vi"
> so that it comes up in a separate window.

Again - why ??

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