A beginner's query

David Means dmeans@bellsouth.net
Sat Aug 16 17:50:00 GMT 1997

Anthony.Appleyard wrote:

>   (0) About how many messages a day are there on gnu-win32?

If recollection serves right, anywhere from a low of about 10 or so, to
about a 100, just depends on issues being discussed, and the convictions
of the readers.   ;-)

>   (1) I looked at the ..../gnu-win32/ FTP directory on Sunsite in UK,
> and I
> found a confused tree with no apparent index file telling me what is
> what.
> What should I load?

cdk.exe  Check out ftp://ftp.cygnus.com/pub/gnu-win32/gnu-win32-b18/

>   (2) It would be useful if these files were packed by .zip instead of
> by .gz

Winzip (at least version 6.2) will unzip and un-tar unix archives.

>   (3) How well advanced and debugged is gnu-win32 compared with djgpp
> C/C++
> for DOS?

Hum... can't help you on that one!  :-)

> -
> For help on using this list (especially unsubscribing), send a message
> to
> "gnu-win32-request@cygnus.com" with one line of text: "help".

   Have a good day!


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