Serial Ports

Mike Bernson
Sun Aug 10 18:08:00 GMT 1997

I am modify the TTY driver for 4.4BSD to run under cygwin stuff.

I can not find any easy to known that current state of buffers
windows in using. How many character are in the input buffer or
how many character are in the output buffer.

It would also be nice be not need to known the current state of the
Xon/Xoff flow state, CTS, RTS, DCD.

Once this code is working I will release it to a number of beta
tester. At current I plan on have serial port, console, and pty
support for BSD style stuff.

This code is very different for the current TTY code in that I do
not plan on have a number of tasks per tty. I am looking at doing
it with async I/O.

I will then fix select code to handle the tty interface and remove
kluges for console.

In doing the ported of tty driver I have added BSD sleep/wakeup
interface which is using events to do the sleep/wakeup stuff. The
Big change is it does not take address but handles of events.

I have also removed the binary stuff tty devices. It does not fit
in very well. (Makes to many function handling nl/cr stuff).

I have removed a number of flags form fhandler_base. The flags exists
in more then one place which is very bad.

	Flags that I have removed are access_, w_binary_, r_binary

I am looking at removing the following flags because they belong
in open_flags.
		close_exec_p_, append_p_, async_,

All of the above flags are normal in 1 spot and bitmap. This is the
way unix handles it and I will be doing it this way.

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