Console GUI Utilities Beta 4

Eric Britten
Fri Aug 8 18:37:00 GMT 1997

I have updated the Console GUI Utilities.  So
far I have one for nm.  I also wrote a generic application to handle the

output of any console application and put the output in a window so you
can scroll through it, copy it to the clipboard, save it to a file.  You

can also paste files from the clipboard and drop files to be arguments
the console program that the front end handles.

Previous versions used a DLL which worked on Windows 95, but not Windows
NT.  For now Console GUI does not use a DLL.  This version has been
tested on Windows NT 4.0 and it works.  Be warned, though.  Bugs could
exist, though most functions operate correctly.  There are some glitches
in the gnm program.  Originally it was my plan to build a DLL or EXE for
every command(ie ls size strings nm).  Each program could call its own
command and override default behavior of the generic front end.  For
instance nm has a Find function that allows you to search for symbols in
address ranges or nearest to a certain address that's in a certain
file.  The generic front end contains a find function that knows nothing
about the format of the output of the command.  Then I realized that I
could save a lot of time if I added a configuration file to Console
GUI.  It uses INI file format and with it you can specify some of the
behavior of the generic front end when a specific command is being
used.  This way to customize the generic front end I need only add a few
lines to a text file rather than writing hundreds of lines of code and
building another DLL or EXE.  You can specify the type of window that
the output will be presented(RichEdit, ListBox, Edit), whether or not
the command uses filenames, or whether or not to resolve shortcut files,
etc.  As a result of this configuration file, I have spent more time on
the generic front end program than the front end for nm.  They share a
lot of code, but the code that they don't share that sort of makes
everything work is not the same.  As a result the nm front end does not
work the same as generic front end.  This will be fixed later.

On another note Console GUI satisfies over 80% of the Windows 95 logo
requirements and was built using gnuwin32 b18.

The files are at and they are
free.  Any feedback is welcome.

Eric Britten

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