Default alignment?

Tim Iverson
Thu Aug 7 22:49:00 GMT 1997

I need to change the default alignment for all structures and unions from 4
bytes to 2 bytes.  Is there a handy -falign=2 option?  I didn't see one in
the info files, but that doesn't mean it isn't there.

I also tried #pragma pack(2) -- it would be fairly easy to just put that
into the top level headers.  However it doesn't seem to work here, even
though MSC supports it and gcc does too on Unixen that have it.

It is simply too large a task to go and mark every structure and union with
__attribute__ ((aligned (2), packed)).  Naturally, I'd prefer not to
rebuild GCC just to add a new -f option.  Anyone got some good news for me
on this?  ;-)


- Tim Iverson
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