Xserver corresponds to display :1.0 instead of :0.0

Markus Hoenicka markus.hoenicka@mhoenicka.de
Fri Oct 16 07:10:00 GMT 2015

At 2015-10-16 07:41, paul was heard to say:
> I have a very simple ~/.startxwinrc:
>    xrdb -load $HOME/.Xresources
>    xterm -display :0.0 # xterm &
>    exec sleep infinity
> Recently, I found that the xterm wasn't launching.  I googled, read
> some cygwin threads about X authorities, but have to admit, I have a
> lot to learn about X windows.  Anyway, since I could open an xterm by
> right clicking on the Cygwin/Xserver:1.0 app in the notification area
> of Windows 7, I sneakily (OK, it wasn't the craftiest thing in the
> world) echo'd $DISPLAY.  Lo, it was 1.0, and the following works fine:
>    xterm -display :1.0 &
> Yes, I know it says 1.0 in the tip for the Cygwin/Xserver:1.0 app, but
> I didn't actually look at that detail until now, as I'm posting.
> A google for the following doesn't turn up anything:
>    cygwin xterm "-display :0.0" "display :1.0"
> I'm wondering if this was a planned change in how X-windows works or
> if something is awry with my setup, causing a server with display :0.0
> to fail, and making go to :1.0.  I did a browse of the cygin announce
> list on gmane (since the X-windows announce list is now obsolete), but
> no joy.  And I would have expected anything to show up in my google
> search.
> Can anyone point me to the description of this change?  If it is not a
> deliberate change, what would be a good approach to troubleshoot it?
> I have a file ~/.xsession-errors, but it is dated 2015-09-16, and I've
> used X-windows plenty since then.


you may have a leftover lock file from a crashed X session. Check if 
there is a /tmp/.X0-lock (IIRC) before you start your X server.


Markus Hoenicka
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