solution for package startup scripts changing: do your own (was Re: run.exe will not work with upgrade from 1.14.4 to 1.16.3)

Linda Walsh
Mon Jan 12 00:26:00 GMT 2015

Laurens Blankers wrote:
> On 2-1-2015 21:10, schilpfamily wrote:
>> this has worked for years, now when i run this command, a window very
>> briefly blinks into existence but then goes away. any idea why this
>> would stop working now?
	Because the default options in the distribution provided
startup script changed to a more secure setting, consistent with
upstream changes and the general atmosphere of security paranoia that
is gradually eroding usability (as security issues get alot more
attention than usability -- so much so, that while a benefit of computers
was that they could adapt to the user for a friendly user experience,
the opposite is becoming the standard.  I.e. users are expected to
adapt themselves to the changing machine programs.

	I start my X server on login -- which means it has to work
when called at login -- and I wanted to make sure I could pass
custom arguments for the font path (among other things).  As
a result I simply "wrote my own" startup script that has it's
own defaults.  I expect it to work until some argument I expect
to be there is deleted.

	I don't instantly get new features and benefits that might
be invoked from the distribution script, but usually it starts, and
every once in a while I review it and the cygwin start scripts to see
if there is something I should change.  But at least I don't get
caught by this particular problem.

	I *do* still get caught by the installer overwriting
Windows mount points with physical directories which causes
various programs to stop functioning until I move the updated
files to the 'mount-point' and change the physdir back to
a mount point.

Anyway, ---
The script is started by a shortcut in:

That has a shortcut to 'bash' with arguments:

(Target:) C:\bin\bash.exe -c '/bin/setsid "%USERPROFILE%/bin/"'
(Run:) Minimized

It is also an icon on my 'Quick Launch' bar (i.e. in directory):

C:\Users\<YOURUSERID>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick 

# (c) LA Walsh 2004-2014, licenced under GPLv2
#export DISPLAY=:0
#export XAPPLRESDIR=/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/app-defaults
#export XCMSDB=/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/Xcms.txt
#export XKEYSYMDB=/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/XKeysymDB
#export XNLSPATH=/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/locale

# see cygwin Xwin for more option examples
# relevant ops:
# -multiwindow = use windows manage; not w/(-rootless|-fullscreen)
# -clipboard = use built-in version (integrated w/windows)
# -unixkill = Enable Ctrl-Alt-BS as X-server shutdown cmnd
# -nowinkill = Disable Alt+F4 as a server shutdown key combination.
# -trayicon = (default) windows tray icon enabled

mount -c /
export PATH=/bin:$(/bin/cygpath "$USERPROFILE")/bin:$PATH #ensure our 
bin is 1st
shopt -s expand_aliases extglob
alias notify=$(type -P notifu)
alias int=declare\ -i
alias sub=function
alias xset=$(type -P xset);
alias array=declare\ -a
alias my=declare

export DISPLAY="${DISPLAY:-":0"}"

sub xup {
   local stat
   read -t .1 stat <<<$(xset q >&/dev/null; echo $?)   &&
         return $stat
sub Xwin_pids {
   ( cd /proc  &&
       for p in +([0-9])/ ;do
         if [[ $prg =~ .*XWin ]]; then
           printf "%d:%s\n" "$p2" "$prg"

sub Xwin_pid {
   array Xprgs
   readarray Xprgs< <(Xwin_pids)
   if ((!${#Xprgs[@]}));then
     echo 0
     return 1
   my x=${Xprgs[0]}
   my pid=${x%%:**} prg=${x##*:}
   array out=( "$pid" "$prg")
   printf "%s " "${out[@]}"
   printf "\n"
   return 0

sub Xwin_running {
   int pd; my pg
   read pd pg < <(Xwin_pid)
   return $(((!pd)))
export -f Xwin_pids Xwin_pid

sub tidy_old_Xwin {
   local -a sigs=(TERM TERM KILL)  # try 2 TERMs then KILL upto maxsigs
   int pd; my pg
   int maxsigs=3 lastsig=${#sigs[*]}
   while ((1)); do
     read pd pg < <(Xwin_pid)
     ((pd)) || break
     #int i=--maxsigs>lastsig ? lastsig:maxsigs
     kill -${sigs[--maxsigs>lastsig ? lastsig:maxsigs]} $pd
     ((maxsigs)) || break
     sleep 1
   rm -fr /tmp/.X11-unix

sub get_dpi {
   dpi=$(regtool -d get '/HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Windows 
   # check for insane values
   ((dpi<50||dpi>>400)) && dpi=96
   echo "$dpi"

sub get_fontpath {
   echo -n "$fontpath"

sub start_XWin {
   int dpi=$(get_dpi)
   cmd="/bin/run /bin/XWin  ${dpi:+-dpi $dpi}
     -nomultimonitors -clipboard  -ac -unixkill -nowinkill -wgl
     -bs -fp "$fontpath" -multiwindow"
   echo cmd="$cmd"

declare -a default_switches=(-dpi -clipboard -unixkill -nowinkill -bs 
-ac -fp -multiwindow -wgl)

readarray -t args< <(
a="$default_switches[@]"; IFS=$'\n'; echo "${a[*]#?}"|sort -k1.2 )

sub read_users_mind { #(reads file in lieu of HW support for actual)
   if [[ -O ~/.mind && -O ~/.mind/Xserver-dflt-overrides ]]; then
     readarray -t overrides < <( -x
     <~/.mind/Xserver-dflt-overrides perl -wnE '
     chomp; s/\s*(?:#.*)?$//; s/^\s*// s/\s\s+/\s/ ; $_ || next;
     print $_."\n" ')
   typeset -a switches

sub  start_dbus {
   /bin/run /bin/dbus-launch --exit_with_session ~/.Xsession

sub _in {
   local x=${1:?};shift
   for ((;$#>0;)); do [[ $x == $1 ]] && return 0;shift; done
   return 1

int tries=3

if Xwin_running && xup; then
   notify /t info /m "Xserver already running and ready" /d 5000
   echo Cannot contact X Server
while ((1)); do

     start_XWin $(read_users_mind)
     sleep 1

     for ((i=0;i<5;++i)); do
       xup && break 2
       sleep 1

     if ((--tries<=0)); then
       m="EXITING: Timeout Waiting for Xserver Startup!!"
       echo "$m"
       notify /t error /m "$m"
       exit 1;
   #start_dbus || { m="Error Starting Dbus"; echo "$m"; notify /t error 
/m "$m"; }

# vim: ts=2:sw=2

> This is most likely due to a major rewrite of the xinit package which
> contains all start-up scripts.
	Not if you write your own -- then you will get your own
"customized" behavior (so at least when it breaks, you have a
chance to fix it yourself)...

	If you don't like mine, fine, copy the cygwin script and make the
changes to it and call it the same way.  At least you'll get whatever 
you want and upgrades won't be altering your script...

	BTW, Laurens Blankers, the opensource model for developers doing their
own thing is called a "do-acracy".  Those that do, make the rules.  Not
saying it is a great thing, just putting a handle on it... ;-)

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