Suggestion for improving xinit 1.3.4

Laurens Blankers
Wed Jan 7 21:39:00 GMT 2015

On 7-1-2015 07:08, Yaakov Selkowitz wrote:
> One of the recent improvements to startxwin was that it would now find
> an available $DISPLAY itself, just like startx does.  Using
> -silent-dup-error doesn't do that; think of the case where another
> user on the same system has started an X server first, then you
> wouldn't get an X server at all.
It would be very nice if that functionality, and anything else that
might be added in the future, applies regardless of which shortcut you
click. Would it be difficult to maintain an addition option to startxwin
e.g. --skip-rc?

>> Although, technically, since your startxwin script is no longer an
>> adaptation of xinit it qualifies as an original program and could be put
>> in a package on its own, with its own versioning. I am not suggesting
>> you do this, without support for transitional packages in Cygwin this
>> would be even more confusing to users. But you script is now more than
>> just a patch to xinit!
> Now it's more a patch to startx instead.
I still consider it an original program rather than just a patch :-)



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