run.exe will not work with upgrade from 1.14.4 to 1.16.3

Yaakov Selkowitz
Mon Jan 5 10:34:00 GMT 2015

On 2015-01-05 04:03, Laurens Blankers wrote:
> On 5-1-2015 10:48, Yaakov Selkowitz wrote:
>> Just .startxwinrc, and the changes were explained in the announcement.
> The information is contained within the announcement, but it is a bit
> difficult to figure out what to do from just the list of changes. A more
> detailed step-by-step guide, preferably as part of the FAQ would be very
> much appreciated.

I can't be everyone's personal IT department.  I believe the information 
in the announcement contains sufficient information for users to make 
the necessary changes, but the most important part would be the new 
requirements of ~/.startxwinrc.

>> ssh -X hasn't been supported since X11R7.4 way back in 2008 (see the
>> FAQ for details).
> I see, but PuTTY which apparently uses insecure forwards has worked for
> many years all the way up to 1.3.2-1.

Then please provide complete details in a separate thread.

>> I am not going to revert the recent changes, which are important and
>> long overdue.  If any has constructive suggestions for incremental
>> improvements thereto, they will be duly considered, but going
>> backwards is not the solution.
> OK, I am a bit disappointed, but I do have some suggestions. How would
> you prefer I post them? In this thread or a new one? All together or one
> post per suggestion?

Please start a new thread.

>> That won't be necessary.  As a rolling distribution without stable
>> releases, these kind of changes in UX happen from time to time.
>> That's what announcements are for.
> Are you saying it is inappropriate to discuss or that you personally
> don't see value in this?

There is simply no point.


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