Automatic X server startup

Pavel Fedin
Wed May 28 12:57:00 GMT 2014


> I believe this is arranged using launchd on OS X, which listens on the
> socket the X server will use, and starts the X server when something
> connects.
> Unfortunately, there is no similar system facility on Windows.

 But it should be possible to make xlib a little bit more smart, isn't it ? It could automatically run X server when a connection is attempted but refused. So we would achieve the same effect as on MacOS.
 We could e. g. have some directory like /etc/X11/autostart, to be examined by xlib. If it detects that e. g. :0 screen is not accessible, it would attempt to look up 0.xlaunch file there and run "xlaunch -run /etc/X11/autostart/0.xlaunch" command.
 What do you think ? I could implement this idea if you have no time to work on that, i believe it should be very easy.

> You can achieve a somewhat similar effect by copying the X server
> shortcut to the startup group to start it automatically at login, at
> the cost of slowing down system startup somewhat.

 Heh, it's already slow because of antivirus and other corporate stuff (i cannot disable it). Running on demand would be better.

Kind regards,
Pavel Fedin
Expert Engineer
Samsung Electronics Research center Russia

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