Fatal error when starting Cygwin/X v1.15.0-2 built 2014-01-11

Jon TURNEY jon.turney@dronecode.org.uk
Tue May 27 15:27:00 GMT 2014

On 26/05/2014 16:55, Ralf Oltmanns wrote:
> I updated to 1.15.1-2 and placed the crash-reporter into cygwin64/bin. A
> crash report has been submitted to your server. The same problem still
> persists.

Thanks very much.

Could you please also install the xorg-server-debuginfo package, remove 
xorg_cygwin_crash_reporter_gui and show the log you get then?

> On 05/26/2014 03:32 PM, Jon TURNEY wrote:
>> On 26/05/2014 14:18, Ralf Oltmanns wrote:
>>> I just installed cygwin/X on a freshly installed Windows 7 Professional (64bit).
>>> When trying to start XWin Server, it crashes with signal 11 (Segmentation fault)
>>> My installation is as follows:
>>> Release:
>>> Package: version 1.15.0-2 built 2014-01-11
>> Thanks for the bug report.
>> The current XWin version is 1.15.1-2.  Perhaps you could try again with
>> that?
>> If that doesn't resolve your problem, I'm afraid that the log doesn't
>> contain enough information for me to identify the cause of the crash.
>> Could you then install the xorg-server-debuginfo package, which enables
>> a more useful backtrace to be generated in the log, and try again?
>> With 1.15.1, I also enabled a tool I have been working to automate
>> sending better crash information using minidumps.  If you would like to
>> try that, download it from [1] (anonymous ftp) and put it into /usr/bin
>> and reproduce your crash again.
>> [1] ftp://cygwin.com/pub/cygwinx/x86_64/xorg_cygwin_crash_reporter_gui.exe

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