Automatic X server startup

Tue May 27 15:20:00 GMT 2014

On 27/05/2014 13:52, Pavel Fedin wrote:
>   Recently i have started using Insight (
> under Cygwin/X. Everything is quite good except one thing.
>   I remember once upon a time i worked on MacOS X. There, X server starts up
> automatically if there is some program requesting it. On Cygwin i still have
> to run it by hands. Is is possible to set up autostart of the X server ? May
> be i just don't know how to do it ?

I believe this is arranged using launchd on OS X, which listens on the 
socket the X server will use, and starts the X server when something 

Unfortunately, there is no similar system facility on Windows.

You can achieve a somewhat similar effect by copying the X server 
shortcut to the startup group to start it automatically at login, at the 
cost of slowing down system startup somewhat.

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