XWin ignores all parameters related to multiple monitors

Lukas Haase lukashaase@gmx.at
Sun May 4 06:06:00 GMT 2014


I use Cygwin/X to display a CAD application on my Windows cient. For
some reason new windows always open on the secondary display and I
always need to manually drag them to my primary display. That's sooo
annoying (since UNIX applications tend to open new windows on every action).

To avoid this, I want to disable the second monitor (and *only* use the
primary). But whatever I do, XWin seems to ignore whatever I supply. For
example, I start

/usr/bin/startxwin.exe -- -nomultiplemonitors
/usr/bin/startxwin.exe -- -screen 0 @1 -nomultiplemonitors
/usr/bin/startxwin.exe -- -screen 0 @1
/usr/bin/startxwin.exe -- -mwextwm -screen 0 @1 -nomultiplemonitors

and so on.
Nothing works - everything as before. When I select "Hide Root Window"
from the tray icon I see that the root window indeed covers both monitors.

Any suggestions?


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