startxwin.exe no longer exists?

Wed Dec 17 19:02:00 GMT 2014

On 17-Dec-2014 10:35, Erik Soderquist wrote:

> How often do you check your log files for crashes when you have your
> script hiding the fact that it crashed from you?

Fine, have the script emit a warning when this situation is encountered. 
  Personally I have never seen the X11 server crash between "shut down" 
and removing the lock file.  I have seen it crash while running - and 
that was pretty evident since all my X11 windows disappeared, no need to 
look for a lock file!
>>> Also, as the X server is not bound to a tty, it forks to the
>>> background on its own anyway, so your pseudocode example would delete
>>> the lock file just after the X server started.
>> In that case the the script needs to retrieve the PID of the forked 
>> process
>> and wait for it to exit.
> I would much rather have the binary process clean up after itself like
> it is supposed to, and figure out why the binary process is failing to
> do so when it doesn't than have a script that hides such failures from
> me.

Sure, the binary SHOULD work like that, but what others have said is 
that it is not always doing so.  Hence, the script should pick up the 
pieces if the binary failed to do so.  The script need not "hide" 
anything, it can emit warning messages on any and all conditions.  At 
start up:

   "Found orphan lock file and removed it.  Possible crash during 
previous X11 server session.  Starting X11 server normally."

at shut down:

   "X11 server process exited abnormally.  Orphan lock file removed."



David Mathog
Manager, Sequence Analysis Facility, Biology Division, Caltech

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