startxwin.exe no longer exists?

Erik Soderquist
Tue Dec 16 23:39:00 GMT 2014

> Apparently not.  If I start an X session (using the standard menu item
> under the start menu) and manually shut it down, the lock file is not
> deleted.

On a clean shutdown, the process should clean up its lock files; if it
isn't, that needs to looked at and/or reported.  The only caveat to
that I'm aware of is if a debug flag is set, files the process uses
may be intentionally left behind.  However, it doesn't sound like you
would be setting such flags.

>> I actually have no experience with startxwin; I always called the X
>> server directly with the options I wanted.
> What do you mean "directly"?  From a mintty or such?

Windows .bat/.cmd files, custom crafted shortcut on the desktop,
windows registry changes... depends on the situation.  The one I
referenced with the dumb terminals and flaky power is a registry call
in autorun starting a .cmd file.

>> However, I can say that freeing of lock files is the job
>> of the process that created the lock files.  If you kill
>> the process, stray lock files are a normal expectation.
> No they're not, unless you restrict "kill" to mean "kill -9" or
> equivalent.  If you kill a process using just "kill", or by shutting
> it down normally, it should clean up its lock file.

My apologies; I was only considering kill -9 as 'kill the process'.
You are correct, kill -15 is also a kill, but should allow the process
to exit cleanly.

>> ... bringing the X system more in line with general X and
>  *nix standards, which, as far as I know, has always
>> been a general goal of the entire Cygwin set of projects.
> Then it's not succeeding.  Shutting down X normally under *nix does not
> result in left-over lock files.

I will certainly agree that shutting down X cleanly should not leave
stray lock files behind.  I can also say that I'm not experiencing
that issue.  My best guess (and this is only a guess) is that
something is causing X to crash as it shuts down on your system,
causing the lock files to be left behind.

-- Erik

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