build error on 1.16.2-1

Fri Dec 5 14:19:00 GMT 2014

On 01/12/2014 23:37, J. Offerman wrote:
> This is an obvious source-header discrepancy. The source
> file(auto-generated anyway) doesn't seem to be changed recently, while
> the header file(glext.h) has a timestamp of Nov 16 now. So it looks
> like only the header file got advanced here. Looking at the
> announcements, it should be the Mesa update on Nov 17 that renewed it.
> Should I just add the extra arguments for those 3 funcs in the source
> file as defined in the new header file? That looks like working.

Thanks for drawing this to my attention.

Yes, it seems that the the glext.h header file (which comes from Khronos 
via the w32api-headers package) now has the fix (svn r27313) to add the 
extra argument to the prototype, but the XML used for the generated code 
(which comes from Khronos via the khronos-opengl-registry package) is 
only on svn r27116.

I'm afraid you'll have to fix this manually until I generate a new 
khronos-opengl-registry package

Since keeping these things in sync is kind of a pain, and limits it to 
handling GL functions which are known about at build time, I'd like to 
replace this compile-time thunk generation with something which does it 
dynamically at run-time, but I haven't found the time to do that...

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