xinit hangs on XWin infinite loop when using -displayfd

Mon Aug 4 15:57:00 GMT 2014

On 29/07/2014 00:57, Matt D. wrote:
> Doh! I was so blind! Windows XP does not have an IPv6 protocol installed
> by default. I added it and the problem went away.
> This sounds like a bug. XWin should verify whether a device which
> supports the target protocol exists before attempting to open a socket
> on it.

Yes, it shouldn't fail like this if IPv6 isn't installed

I suspect the same problem will occur if you use X -displayfd built with 
IPv6 on linux kernel without IPv6 support

> What is this used for? Sharing a local X session with someone else?
> Logging onto an existing X session at work from home? I've only ever
> used X locally or through ssh forwarding.

It's used to allow remote X clients to connect to an X server without 
using a ssh tunnel (e.g. [1])


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