XWin cursor huge on one computer but normal on another

Matt D. matt@codespunk.com
Sun Aug 3 14:32:00 GMT 2014

I primarily work on my workstation which has four 1080p monitors (three 
on the bottom with the fourth at center top) and for the longest time I 
thought that it this was a configuration error on my part; and perhaps 
it still it.

The issue is that on my worksation, the cursor is huge and is sometimes 
even cropped for being too large. This is especially noticeable for 
applications like xterm and gedit.

I think it might be a DPI or scaling issue due to my large screen size, 
however I've always explicitly defined "-dpi 96" in my xinit.

I had thought that this was a known bug and hadn't thought much about it 
until I pulled up gedit on my laptop where I saw that the cursors were 
all fine. I thought that maybe I had different packages but even after 
copying my entire cygwin directory and startup scripts over, on my 
laptop it still shows cursors no larger than the default Windows size.

Has anyone experienced this before?


Matt D.

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