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bagleyd@tux.org bagleyd@tux.org
Mon Sep 30 00:54:00 GMT 2013


I am a long time user.  And I love the new 64 bit version seems to cleared
up all my virus scanner induced problems.

On two different laptops I noticed that -emulate3buttons 100 (or without
the 100) is ignored.  I don't have 2 button mouse only 2 button mousepads.
 This used to work.  For Toshiba, I don't know of a work around.  For my
Lenovo, I activated a middle button (but for consistency I would always
like the two button way to always work).  According to documentation its
deactivated if you don't have a 2 button button mouse... so a 2 button
keypad does not seem to qualify?  It seems to me it should never be
deactivated if someone requests it.

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