Strange interaction between Cygwin/X and Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks

Falk Tannhäuser
Sat Sep 28 18:38:00 GMT 2013

Am 24.09.2013 20:49, schrieb Jon TURNEY:
> This is indeed a strange interaction.  The problem seems to be (i) (for some
> reason) Firefox asks for the current clipboard contents when any of the
> bookmarks are clicked on, (ii) gnuplot puts an image of the current plot in
> the PRIMARY selection, and (iii) a previous fix to clipboard integration code
> [1] has the unforeseen negative side-effect that when the monitored selection
> cannot be converted to text, the clipboard integration code sits there waiting
> for up to a second, which blocks the Windows application which asked for the
> clipboard contents (Firefox in this case)
> Thanks for reporting this problem.
> I've added a patch which tries to fix this behaviour by actually checking if
> the selection can be converted to a text format before trying, and uploaded a
> snapshot at [2]. Perhaps you could try that and see if it improves things for you?
> [1]
> [2]

Thank you very much - this fixes the problem with gnuplot and FF for me. 
I tested it under Windows 7 (due to a HD crash I have  no longer access 
to a Windows XP system).
By the way, similar symptoms as described in my original posting occur 
also with the 64-bit versions of XWin and gnuplot.


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