unable to maximize gtk window

Simon simonzack@gmail.com
Wed Sep 11 18:05:00 GMT 2013

On 12/09/2013 2:53 AM, Jon TURNEY wrote:
> On 09/09/2013 15:43, Simon wrote:
>>> Thanks for reporting this problem and the testcase.
>>> I've added a patch improves the window hint conversion in multiwindow mode so
>>> that the hint which gtk_window_maximize() sets is now recognized as maximizing
>>> the window.
>>> I've uploaded a snapshot at [1]. Perhaps you could try that and see if it
>>> improves things for you?
>>> (This is a x86 binary. if you need an x64 binary, please let me know and I'll
>>> generate one)
>> Thanks, that appears to fix the testcase, but terminator still has the same
>> problems, I'll try to find out what is happening there.
> 'terminator -m' works correctly for me with that snapshot.
It does for me too, but if I start terminator with no command line 
arguments (directly after I start x server), then maximize the window 
using the windows button, or by double clicking the title bar, I get a 
window that's not fully maximized.

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