quick cygwin X question

J.McNamara thirdshiftcoder@gmail.com
Wed Sep 11 16:30:00 GMT 2013


If I install xorg-server and xinit and an X window appears when I do 
startxwin that I can use to launch to a terminal, should that be all I 
need to install besides all of the xfce/lxde packages?

For instance, I do $startxwin and the X window pops up. I then type in 
startlxde into the term and the autostart program appears in the same 
terminal. I had lynx browser selected as an autostart program for lxde. 
I don't know why lynx appears in the same window as the terminal.

I can't get to a desktop in either xfce and lxde.

I guess my question is just in general. I thought all I had to do is get 
x window working and then the lxde and xfce programs would take care of 
the rest. Maybe I am missing a requirement?


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