Clipboard periodically breaks

Thu Nov 21 17:51:00 GMT 2013

> On Thu Sep 26 20:35:21 2013, Matt D. wrote:
>> However, an environment variable that tells it which clipboard to
>> use would provide an immediate solution and be used used on a
>> per-application basis. For example, I can use aliases when launching
>> programs:
>> $ xclip=clipboard1 gedit $@ (monitor only clipboard 1)
>> $ xclip=clipboard2 gedit $@ (monitor only clipboard 2)
>> No option would indicate that both clipboard 1 and clipboard 2 would
>> be handled as they are now.
>> I'm not familiar with X programming but I'm assuming here that it
>> would be possible for xclip to read from a particular process's own
>> environment (rather than xclip's own) while processing a clipboard
>> event to do this.
>> What do you think?

This is not straightforward to implement and is not really a good solution as
it won't work for remote X clients.

In theory, it might be possible to annotate the X client window with a
property which tells XWin/xwinclip how to treat it's clipboard use, but since
the clipboard-owning window is often a hidden one, getting that property on
there poses problems.

Hopefully the -noprimary option makes this less of an issue.

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