expose event not received by Open GL window in X11 application upon moving app window

marco atzeri marco.atzeri@gmail.com
Mon Nov 4 18:30:00 GMT 2013

Il 11/4/2013 6:35 PM, Wendel Dean Renner ha scritto:
> I have compiled and linked an existing X/Motif/Open GL program
> under cygwin.  So far the only problem I have seen is what happens
> when I move the main application window.
> I have an array of drawing widgets in the main application window.
> Where the drawing widget is strictly an X window, if I move the main
> application window, the contents
> continue to be visible without an expose event occuring (and so the
> draw loop is not called).
> But in the Open GL drawing area window (using glx) the contents disappears
> and one sees only the back ground color.   There is no expose event
> generated.  If I click the mouse on the window, an expose even is generated
> and it redraws.  The same happens if I change the size of the window,  but
> covering and uncovering the window with say a cygwin term window
> does not generate an expose event.  Covering with a child of the
> application
> and uncovering does generate an expose event.
> The x window is created with the line
>   %RUN% XWin -multiwindow -clipboard -silent-dup-error -wgl
> where I added the -wgl flag.
> Doing export LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT=1 before I run the application
> does not make any difference.
> I used a startxwin.bat script and modified it to run my application instead
> of a xterm. That allowed for an icon on the desktop to run the bat program
> to run the application.
> I also noted, like with Exceed, I cannot get a visual in the overlay
> planes,
> which I can do under Linux.  I do not have glxinfo and can't figure out
> what package has that.
> cygwin was downloaded an installed on a Windows 7 computer just
> last week.   The graphics card is an nvidia quadro fx 3800, driver
> version 320.92
> On Performace Options:
> Show window contents while dragging is unchecked.
> Background:
> The program runs under Linux (was developedorginally under SGI IRIX) and
> I have been using Exceed,Exceed 3D, and Exceed XDK from OpenText
> (formally Hummingbird) to run on a Windows platform.
> I have only recented noted that OSF/Motif is now available with cygwin
> as opposed to the prior LessTiff implementation of motif, as of Oct 2012
> evidently.
> My X/Motif program would not run correctly with LessTiff because
> of behavior differences where I was doing a lot of  drawing widgets
> attached
> to the same place and managing and unmanaging them so that only one would
> appear at a time, allowing the user to change the layout of the draw area
> widgets.
> Thanks to any advice available.

it looks like this problem

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