Clarification on GLUT and Cygwin

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Tue Jan 8 03:09:00 GMT 2013

(Apologies if this is not the correct place to ask this question, this
is my first post to this group).

We have a legacy-but-still-active project that used GLUT with native
Win32 in Cygwin (using X-Windows is not an option for a number of
reasons). Lately new users have not been able to compile the codebase,
they get OpenGL compiler errors. This has been discussed many times in
discussion forums, and the Cygwin/X official FAQ even clarified the
issue (,
but on new systems I could not get any of our projects to compile. and
could not find the directories listed in the FAQ.  I tracked down our
problem to a June/2012 announcement about the OpenGL package being
obsoleted (

>From what I was able to determine (and please correct me if I am wrong):

- The official FAQ and discussion forums are now incorrect... In
Cygwin you can only use GLUT with X-Windows, any historic projects
will no longer work.

- /usr/include/opengl/GL no longer exists (used to have Win32 native
OpenGL files, including GLUT)

- /usr/include/w32api/GL is the new location for Win32 native OpenGL
files, but GLUT is no longer supported for Win32 native

- /usr/include/GL still has OpenGL and GLUT header files for X-Windows

- As a workaround, we can still install the obsolete OpenGL package
from the "_obsolete" category in Cygwin's setup.exe installer, which
will provide /usr/include/opengl/GL with Win32 native OpenGL+GLUT

Are all these observations correct?  If so, you may want to update the
official Cygwin/X FAQ.

Also, I am trying to figure out how to resolve this issue going
forward.  Will the obsolete OpenGL package always be available to use
in the future, or will this package eventually be completely dropped
from Cygwin?  (I hope not, this may make us have to move away from

Thanks for the clarification!


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