[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: XtoW, a native compositing window manager (experimental)

Jon TURNEY jon.turney@dronecode.org.uk
Sun Aug 4 19:37:00 GMT 2013

The following packages have been updated in the Cygwin distribution:

*** XtoW-20130802-1
*** libxcwm0-20130802-1
*** libxcwm-devel-20130802-1

xtow is a window manager using the libxcwm library, which is:
* native: it integrates with native window management by putting each
top-level X window in it's own Windows window (similar to XWin -multiwindow)
* compositing: X windows with per-pixel alpha are composited into the native
DWM desktop on Windows Vista and later (e.g. a native window can be seen
through a semi-transparent X window placed over it)

XtoW is still experimental, but should now be usable enough for doing some
actual work. Testing and problem reports are appreciated.

Changes since 20121220-1:

* Window images are now transferred from the X server using shared memory when
possible, which improves drawing speed measurably.  This can be disabled with
* XtoW exits cleanly when X server is shutdown
* XtoW exits immediately when sent an unhandled signal (e.g SIGTERM from being
* When X windows resize or reposition themselves, those changes are propagated
to the native windows
* Handle tilt wheel and renumber buttons to align with XWin -multiwindow
* Implement iconic state.  Handle WM_HINTS.initial_state on map and
WM_CHANGE_STATE messages correctly
* The active window is moved to the top of the stacking order to ensure it
receives mouse events over itself (This is shortcut until proper Z-order <->
stacking synchronization is implemented)
* Try harder to ensure newly created windows are at the top of the Z-order
* Add -verbose option.  Multiple -verbose options increase verbosity.
* Lots of libxcwm cleanup, logging improvements, bug-fixes and refactoring
* Fixes for x86_64 build

Missing features compared to XWin -multiwindow:

* You must manually use setxkbmap to set a keyboard layout matching the
windows layout.
* Probably lots more

To use:

* A startxtow script is provided, which writes a suitable xorg.conf, starts
the X server, XtoW, xwinclip and a transparent urxvt.  This script is intended
to be temporary, to be replaced by something better later on...

74673adf7504f9c7c463e2760eb54d3f *libxcwm-20130802-1-src.tar.bz2
dc09df025e7bc1c6c2c4c0a05773840f *libxcwm-debuginfo-20130802-1.tar.bz2
6c9d5d4189f6aedb598c5f0aaaa8a40b *libxcwm-devel-20130802-1.tar.bz2
b504e1e2a35b5ed261948fd222c79778 *libxcwm0-20130802-1.tar.bz2
87ec6a8c0edf1db142676a3d085a89e4 *XtoW-20130802-1-src.tar.bz2
445379bb679c83d7a3976d974c1d203d *XtoW-20130802-1.tar.bz2
c51aaa365fc7bc3a6d5db1a332c6d90e *XtoW-debuginfo-20130802-1.tar.bz2

d95f6482b93eb50a5fabec34721cbde7 *libxcwm0-20130802-1.tar.bz2
edec6064c8526cafe30c675bf13c0abc *libxcwm-debuginfo-20130802-1.tar.bz2
fd402a3380909866e7084c7297913efd *libxcwm-devel-20130802-1.tar.bz2
0851bffc634ba9ec651b0579f42329dd *libxcwm-20130802-1-src.tar.bz2
8d427629181968c6c113d738d187fd0d *XtoW-20130802-1.tar.bz2
309ae5649e80b1142ef096b5cd65bc80 *XtoW-debuginfo-20130802-1.tar.bz2
4d467a813653ffc8be0fb92bdb34a585 *XtoW-20130802-1-src.tar.bz2

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