Linking Errors related to X11

Tom Szczesny
Fri Mar 23 01:51:00 GMT 2012

Yaakov wrote:
"For future reference, this package includes a very old version of libtool
which is not guaranteed to work on Cygwin. This is why running autoreconf
is standard procedure when building autoconf-based packages."

Thank you for this comment.  It gives me a place to start.
If there are any other important initial steps to the "standard procedure",
(or a place to find a list of all the steps) please let me know.

Also:  The issues that I am facing are clearly not specific to the
cygwin-xfree group.  When I do have further questions related to porting
a very old package (that does still build and work on Linux) to cygwin,
which is the best forum in which to ask them?

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