Linking Errors related to X11

Larry Hall (Cygwin-X)
Thu Mar 22 19:52:00 GMT 2012

On 3/22/2012 3:46 PM, Tom Szczesny wrote:
> Blunt is fine ( I don't mind).
> To repeat what I reported in an earlier note:
> When I set:
> X_LIBS = -lX11
> I get:
> g++ -O2 -o aplus.exe mainC.o aplus_main.o aplus_uext.o matherr.o
> -L/usr/local/aplus-fsf-4.22/src/IPC -L/usr/local/aplus-fsf-4.22/src/cxs
> -L/usr/local/aplus-fsf-4.22/src/cxb -L/usr/local/aplus-fsf-4.22/src/AplusGUI
> -L/usr/local/aplus-fsf-4.22/src/cxsys -L/usr/local/aplus-fsf-4.22/src/cxc
> -L/usr/local/aplus-fsf-4.22/src/esf -L/usr/local/aplus-fsf-4.22/src/a
> -L/usr/local/aplus-fsf-4.22/src/dap -L/usr/local/aplus-fsf-4.22/src/MSGUI
> -L/usr/local/aplus-fsf-4.22/src/MSIPC
> -L/usr/local/aplus-fsf-4.22/src/MSTypes .libs/libimp-cygX11-6.a
> .libs/libimp-cygxcb-1.a .libs/libimp-cygXau-6.a
> .libs/libimp-cygXdmcp-6.a
> ../../src/IPC/.libs/libIPC.a ../../src/cxs/.libs/libcxs.a
> ../../src/cxb/.libs/libcxb.a ../../src/AplusGUI/.libs/libAplusGUI.a
> ../../src/cxsys/.libs/libcxsys.a ../../src/cxc/.libs/libcxc.a
> ../../src/esf/.libs/libesf.a ../../src/a/.libs/liba.a
> ../../src/dap/.libs/libdap.a
> ../../src/MSGUI/.libs/libMSGUI.a ../../src/MSIPC/.libs/libMSIPC.a
> ../../src/MSTypes/.libs/libMSTypes.a -lpthread -ldl
> ../../src/AplusGUI/.libs/libAplusGUI.a(AGIF.o):AGIF.C:(.text+0x13ba):
> undefined reference to `_XWarpPointer'

That's because the Makefile generated by the configure script *ignores*
X_LIBS.  You'll need to force -lX11 into the link line of every affected
Makefile. if you want it to link against this library.  This is a problem
with the app's configure script, not Cygwin.  You should report this to
the maintainers.



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