Linking Errors related to X11

Larry Hall (Cygwin-X)
Wed Mar 21 23:05:00 GMT 2012

On 3/21/2012 6:19 PM, Tom Szczesny wrote:
> I am attempting to port the aplus-fsf-4.22 package (available at
> to cygwin,
> and I'm getting linking errors related to X11.
> I can build the package successfully on Gentoo Linux.
> The build on cygwin fails at   /aplus-fsf-4.22/src/main/aplus-main.c
> with many error messages related to X11, such as
>      undefined reference to '_XWarpPointer'.
> The contains the lines:
>     X_LIBS = @X_LIBS@
> which got translated (in the Makefile) to:
>     X_INCLUDES = -I
>     X_LIBS = -L -lX11
> While this works when building in Gentoo Linux, it does not appear to
> be correct for cygwin.
> What is the correct specification when building the package in cygwin?

Try these:

X_INCLUDES = /usr/include
X_LIBS = -L /usr/include -lX11

You can also override the faulty configure script values and point
directly at these paths with the -x-includes and -x-libraries

I didn't test these settings so you may need to experiment a little.
But essentially you can find the paths you're looking for by checking
out the contents on the libX11-devel package, which you should
already have.



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