Linking Errors related to X11

Tom Szczesny
Wed Mar 21 22:19:00 GMT 2012

I am attempting to port the aplus-fsf-4.22 package (available at to cygwin,
and I'm getting linking errors related to X11.

I can build the package successfully on Gentoo Linux.

The build on cygwin fails at   /aplus-fsf-4.22/src/main/aplus-main.c
with many error messages related to X11, such as
    undefined reference to '_XWarpPointer'.

The contains the lines:
   X_LIBS = @X_LIBS@

which got translated (in the Makefile) to:
   X_LIBS = -L -lX11

While this works when building in Gentoo Linux, it does not appear to
be correct for cygwin.
What is the correct specification when building the package in cygwin?

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