AW: possible to run XWin as windows service?

Paul Maier
Sat Jul 28 12:18:00 GMT 2012

> > I would like to start XWin automatically on Windows startup (Windows user login).
> > I couldn't find any hint in the manual.
> >
> > Is it possible to run (and automatically start) XWin as windows service?
> Possible? Yes.
> Running it from the "Startup" program group is the correct approach.

Hi Jon,

running it from the Startup program group worked fine as long as my ~/.startxwinrc has been empty.

But I had to add the line
  /bin/ico -r -obj cube -sleep .05 &
to ~/.startxwinrc to fix

That workaround is perfect, but as a side effect, startxwin won't terminate any more; it blocks as long ico runs, and ico runs
so startxwin never terminates.
This results in an annoying task bar entry staying there all day.
This X Server task bar entry is (obviously) not being attached to any visible window or application, so this entry shouldn't exist
in the task bar.

Can you recommend me how to start the X Server without getting a task bar entry?

Thank you & regards,

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