virtual dimension (v0.94) shows xterms on all desktops.

Frank Poppen
Wed Jul 18 07:17:00 GMT 2012

I'm using virtual dimension (v0.94) and cygwin for quite some many years 
now with (used to be) no issue (Windows 7 and Windows XP before). During 
an upgrade of my machine I also installed the most current version of 
cygwin and its x-server (1.12.2). Since this time an xterm (or any other 
window) will show up on all my virtual dimension desktops as if it was 
attributed to "All desktops"
Worse: Virtual Desktop does not show any xterm-icons, as if it does 
never realize that these windows are there. This might be the reason why 
the xterms are visible on all desktops - since the desktop manager fails 
to see and handle them . But all of this used to work with older version 
of cygwin - I verified by going back to an older backup for testing 
(sorry cannot quickly check x-server version for this).

A websearch of this always leads me to this former "redraw window 
issue". But that is not it. I would need to know (thanks for help) what 
the cause for this could be. I would need to know some buzzwords where I 
could start following and solving the problem. At this point I have no 
idea where to start of from (where to start reading).

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