Issue with XWin under xlaunch

Eliot Moss
Tue Apr 24 12:23:00 GMT 2012

Ok, I can see that perhaps in some ways I was being foolish and
could have figured out more of this myself.  But here's something
interesting.  I tried this:

- "Pin to Start Menu" of the supplied XLaunch short cut
- Edit to change the command to:
   "/usr/bin/xlaunch.exe -run /home/Eliot/config.xlaunch"
   (since I want to start things, not build/edit a config file)

   The full line in the shortcut is:
   C:\cygwin\bin\run.exe /usr/bin/bash.exe -l -c "/usr/bin/xlaunch.exe -run /home/Eliot/config.xlaunch"

This works, without putting in the explicit /usr/bin/ everywhere
in the .XWinrc file.

BUT: I get the "extra" icon I don't want, this time for XLaunch
rather than for StartXWin.  So the "extra" icon seems to have to
do with the bash that run.exe is starting and the fact that the bash
is still there as parent to the still-running XLaunch (or StartXWin).
Perhaps it is because the bash does not start the program under it
in the same way that run.exe does?

Regards -- EM

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