Issue with XWin under xlaunch

Tue Apr 24 11:40:00 GMT 2012

On 23/04/2012 17:41, Eliot Moss wrote:
> Ok -- by perusing the log I figured it out ...

> [727848.279] executing 'xterm -display :0.0 -ls -title swarm     -bg rgbi:.0/.20/.0 -geometry 120x47+0+0 -e /usr/bin/ssh', pid 13748
> [727848.311] (pid 13748 stderr) /bin/sh: xterm: command not found

> In the past, .XWinrc names of files such as "xterm"
> worked just fine. Apparently something changed about
> the PATH used, and "xterm" was not being found. When
> I write /usr/bin/xterm, it starts up. You can see the
> first case and the second in the attached log file.
> So, I think xlaunch is ok, but this was a surprising
> difference :-) ...

This is not intentional.

I can't reproduce this, so I'm not quite sure what is causing this.

What I am expecting to happen is that xlaunch is invoked via the start menu
shortcut which it's package creates, which runs bash -l -c xlaunch, which
reads /etc/profile, which sets PATH to include /usr/bin, which should be
inherited by XWin and used when it execs /bin/sh -c 'your xterm command'.

We try to create the login environment as far up the process hierarchy as
possible, rather than starting the processes from the notification area menu
with bash -l -c, as creating the login environment can be expensive.

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