Glyph substitution

Mon Apr 23 12:31:00 GMT 2012

On 16/04/2012 09:19, wrote:
> Glyph substitution doesn't works on cygwin using fontconfig, xft.
> Missing glyphs won't get replaced from ones existing in other fonts.
> Couldn't figure out why.
> Freshly installed cygwin.
> Anyone can report, that it should work?

This is a complex topic, and "It doesn't work" is not very helpful in
diagnosing the problem

So, again, see

I believe that a modern application using pango and xft should be capable of
doing some glyph substitution.  xedit not so much :-)

Some facts which might be considered relevant:

1) Which application you are using?
2) Which glyph you are expecting to get substituted?
3) Which font you are using which doesn't have that font?
4) Which font you expect the subsituted glyph to come from?
5) Some evidence that this works correctly for the same software on other OS,
and is a Cygwin specific problem?

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