Using Infra-red (or any) remote controls with cygwin??
Fri Apr 13 12:57:00 GMT 2012

> Is there any way to use a remote control (e.g. an infra-red remote
> comes with a TV tuner) with cygwin applications?
> Preferably so that arrow and number keys can be used with standard X11
> applications (even better if odd keys like "Red" can be remapped), but
> I'd settle for any way to act on some keypresses from a distance on
> box about the size of a remote rather than a full-sized keyboard. Any
> suggestions??

I believe lirc has a Windows equivalent, so assuming you have an IR
receiver, you could try that out (I haven't but don't see why it
wouldn't work for Cygwin/X applications too). Alternatively, you could
just buy one of those remote-sized, wireless, usb keyboards.


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