Problems with emacs built with gsettings support [was: Problems with emacs built against gtk3]

Ken Brown
Sun Apr 8 11:18:00 GMT 2012

On 4/7/2012 6:11 PM, Angelo Graziosi wrote:
> Il 06/04/2012 21.22, Angelo Graziosi ha scritto:
>> Any way I will try to follow your recipe to reproduce the problem, but I
>> am sure it is still there..
> No, it isn't!
> I have run Emacs for more than 14 hours and I haven't see any problem. I
> have done that strictly following your recipe...

Hi Angelo,

That's great news.  Thank you very much for testing.  Now I just have to 
figure out why it doesn't work on my system.  Would you mind sending me 
your cygcheck output off-list so I can see how my setup differs from 
yours?  I wonder if I need some GNOME-related package.  Or it could be 
BLODA.  What anti-virus software do you use (if any)?



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