Problems with emacs built with gsettings support [was: Problems with emacs built against gtk3]

Angelo Graziosi
Fri Apr 6 19:22:00 GMT 2012

Hi Ken,

Ken Brown wrote:

> Now I can reproduce the problem with both gtk2 and gtk3

If you remember I flagged this on 24.11.2011 with a private mail. After 
the upgrading to GNOME 3.2, not only the gtk3 build was unstable but 
also the old gtk2 builds were unstable...

Since then I am using this target

C:\cygwin-2\bin\run.exe bash -l -c 'GSETTINGS_BACKEND=memory emacs 
-display 2>/dev/null &'

to start Emacs from a link on desktop, and it works both with gtk2 and 
with gtk3 builds.

Notice, I do not use Cygwin service (dbus,... etc.)

Any way I will try to follow your recipe to reproduce the problem, but I 
am sure it is still there..

> Here are the steps for reproducing the problem:


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