Taskbar appearance changes between xorg-server 11 series and 12.0 series

Eliot Moss moss@cs.umass.edu
Thu Apr 5 15:55:00 GMT 2012

Dear Jon (et al.) --

Something seems to have changed between the last 1.11 release and
the 1.12.0 (up through the 1.12.0-2 release made yesterday).

The window for StartXWin, which is minimized, did not previously
result in an X icon in the taskbar, but now does, and it is
distinct from the stack of X icons for my several launched
xterms.  I feel it is clutter and want to suppress it, but I
don't know how at this point.

Separately, going from 1.12.0-1 to 1.12.0-2 changed my xemacs
icon, to one that is nearly transparent (there's something
there, but very hard to discern).  In the past xemacs gave
its own icon (which I could never find or override).

Here are possibly relevant facts about my setup:

1) How I start things: StartWXin is a Windows short cut, set to run as a
"Normal Window", started from directory C:\cygwin\bin, with this command

C:\cygwin\bin\run.exe /bin/bash -l -c "/bin/startxwin -- -unixkill -clipboard
-multimonitors -resize -engine 1 -emulate3buttons 100 -wm -auth

2) My .startxwinrc file contains:


xrdb -merge ${HOME}/.Xdefaults
xmodmap ${HOME}/.Xmodmap

UC="${USER} console"
xterm +tb -geometry 110x43+4+0  -T "${USER}" -n "${USER}" -name "${USER}" -bg rgbi:.0/.2/.2    -ls &
xterm +tb -geometry 110x43-10+0 -T "${UC}"   -n "${UC}"   -name "${UC}"   -bg rgbi:.5/.0/.1    -ls &
xterm +tb -maximized            -T task      -n task      -name task      -bg rgbi:.05/.05/.05 -ls 
-e rlwrap -a -- task shell &
xemacs                          -T xemacs    -n xemacs    -name xemacs1       &

3) My .XWinrc contains:

MENU systray {
   elnux1    EXEC "xterm -display %display% -ls -title elnux1    -bg rgbi:.1/.10/.1 -e /usr/bin/ssh 
   elnux7    EXEC "xterm -display %display% -ls -title elnux7    -bg rgbi:.1/.10/.1 -e /usr/bin/ssh 
   roc       EXEC "xterm -display %display% -ls -title roc       -bg rgbi:.2/.20/.0 -e /usr/bin/ssh 
   swarm     EXEC "xterm -display %display% -ls -title swarm     -bg rgbi:.0/.20/.0 -geometry 
120x47+0+0 -e /usr/bin/ssh moss@swarm.cs.umass.edu"
   deepgreen EXEC "xterm -display %display% -ls -title deepgreen -bg rgbi:.0/.03/.0 -e /usr/bin/ssh 
   balder    EXEC "xterm -display %display% -ls -title balder    -bg rgbi:.2/.00/.0 -e /usr/bin/ssh 
   console EXEC "xterm -display %display% +tb -geometry 110x43-10+0 -T 'Eliot console' -n 'Eliot 
console' -name 'Eliot console' -bg rgbi:.5/.0/.1 -ls"
   login   EXEC "xterm -display %display% +tb -geometry 110x43+4+0  -T 'Eliot'         -n 'Eliot' 
       -name 'Eliot'         -bg rgbi:.0/.2/.2 -ls"
   task    EXEC "xterm -display %display% -ls -title task -bg rgbi:.05/.05/.05 -maximized -e rlwrap 
-a -- task shell"
   xterm   EXEC "xterm -display %display% -ls -title xterm"
   xemacs  EXEC "xemacs"
   xpdf    EXEC "xpdf"
   "Reload .XWinrc" RELOAD

ROOTMENU systray

   console MINIMIZE
   Eliot   MINIMIZE
   xemacs1 MINIMIZE


These various commands / files all seem to be seen and used.  And by the way,
the xemacs1 MINIMIZE does not seem to work -- it always starts maximized and I
have to minimize it manually.  Hints on that?

Regards -- Eliot Moss

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