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m.mcdill@pollardusedcarsonq.com m.mcdill@pollardusedcarsonq.com
Tue Oct 18 13:20:00 GMT 2011

Websites are built in a "F" pattern. Legal websites are no exception.
Logo in the top left, phone in the top right, navigation below and
important items down the left sidebar. This is a general rule of thumb
but can be adjusted to fit the needs of the client. Is your website
built in a "F" pattern?

Is it time to have it redesigned? We will give you a free preview of
your website at no charge to earn your business. 

You can review your concept here: 

Rather talk? My direct line is (800) 932-6030 Ext 431. I will give you
more details and a free report on how your website can be better.


Malinda Mcdill
Law Firm Sites

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