AW: AW: AW: Can't paste text or type blind keys when mouse is out of the window

Thomas Dickey
Wed Oct 5 01:00:00 GMT 2011

On Wed, 5 Oct 2011, Paul Maier wrote:

>>>>>> I assume that you see the same behavior with other X applications, i.e. it's
>>>>>> not xterm-specific?
>>>>> No, at least xedit works fine on my PC, with blind keys and with mouse text pasting,
>>>>> no matter if the mouse pointer is really inside or on blue window frame or
>>>>> (for blind keys:) really outside.
>>>> Actually, maybe this is an xterm problem?
>>>> It seems to be somehow related to the xterm's --enable-toolbar configuration
>>>> (which is turned on in the cygwin package).  If I rebuild xterm with that
>>>> disabled, the problem goes away, and I can also reproduce the problem on F15
>>>> under twm if I build xterm with --enable-toolbar there (which is not enabled
>>>> in the distro supplied package)
>> hmm - I'm not clear on precisely what a "blind key" is.  Sounds like a
>> compose sequence - and if so, it's puzzling that passing key-presses from
>> different levels in the widget hierarchy would interfere with that.
>> The main difference with the toolbar configuration is that xterm's using a
>> form to contain the toolbar and the vt100 window.  The buttons take care
>> of themselves, but that area to the right of the buttons is dead.
>> To make it somewhat friendlier, xterm adds the actions used for the vt100
>> window (except for the ones related to the mouse) to the toolbar area.
>> I omitted the mouse-related ones since it seems that they'd interfere with
>> the menus.  I also did the same for the scrollbar widget (since keystrokes
>> there used to be lost - it would seem that you could reproduce your
>> problem also by looking at the behaviour around the scrollbar).
> Hi Thomas,
> yes, with mouse over the scrollbar the problem is reproducable.
> A blind key is a key that needs to be followed by another key to produce something.
> The problem here is, when running vi in an xterm and the mouse slowly (unnoticed)
> moves over the scrollbar or out of the xterm, and you want to jump to mark "a,
> you need to enter `a, that is in keystrokes

That seems to be what I was referring to as "compose sequence".
I'll experiment to see if I can reproduce this effect with my environment.

thanks for the detailed explanation.

Thomas E. Dickey

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