AW: AW: AW: Can't paste text or type blind keys when mouse is out of the window

Paul Maier
Wed Oct 5 00:54:00 GMT 2011

> >>>> I assume that you see the same behavior with other X applications, i.e. it's
> >>>> not xterm-specific?
> >>>
> >>> No, at least xedit works fine on my PC, with blind keys and with mouse text pasting,
> >>> no matter if the mouse pointer is really inside or on blue window frame or
> >>> (for blind keys:) really outside.
> >>>
> >>
> >> Actually, maybe this is an xterm problem?
> >>
> >> It seems to be somehow related to the xterm's --enable-toolbar configuration
> >> (which is turned on in the cygwin package).  If I rebuild xterm with that
> >> disabled, the problem goes away, and I can also reproduce the problem on F15
> >> under twm if I build xterm with --enable-toolbar there (which is not enabled
> >> in the distro supplied package)
> hmm - I'm not clear on precisely what a "blind key" is.  Sounds like a
> compose sequence - and if so, it's puzzling that passing key-presses from
> different levels in the widget hierarchy would interfere with that.
> The main difference with the toolbar configuration is that xterm's using a
> form to contain the toolbar and the vt100 window.  The buttons take care
> of themselves, but that area to the right of the buttons is dead.
> To make it somewhat friendlier, xterm adds the actions used for the vt100
> window (except for the ones related to the mouse) to the toolbar area.
> I omitted the mouse-related ones since it seems that they'd interfere with
> the menus.  I also did the same for the scrollbar widget (since keystrokes
> there used to be lost - it would seem that you could reproduce your
> problem also by looking at the behaviour around the scrollbar).

Hi Thomas,

yes, with mouse over the scrollbar the problem is reproducable.

A blind key is a key that needs to be followed by another key to produce something.

The problem here is, when running vi in an xterm and the mouse slowly (unnoticed)
moves over the scrollbar or out of the xterm, and you want to jump to mark "a,
you need to enter `a, that is in keystrokes
1. blind key `
2. space
3. letter a,
the bug will drop the `, so you will not end up with the cursor at mark "a, but
you will move the cursor one character forward and there enter append mode.
Which is something totally different than the intention.

Or if you type :%s/^x/y/
You will really get :%s/ x/y

Hopefully you notice it before pressing Enter ...

Exaples refer to a German keyboard layout.

Thank you for looking into this.


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