ssh -X user@host konsole opens a tunneled konsole, but then the tunnel lapses

Mon Mar 21 21:43:00 GMT 2011

On 04/03/2011 18:29, Phlip wrote:
> For years I have enjoyed one desktop with everything I need on it.
> Then ssh -X stopped working. Sometimes, if I start a remote konsole,

You don't mention if things 'stopped working' spontaneously, or if anything
was changed on either your ssh client or ssh server machine.

> and immediately start some new X window app, it runs thru the tunnel.
> But now it trivially bombs, as if there were no remote X to attach to:
>   kate: cannot connect to X server localhost:10.0
> Is there a timeout setting, somewhere, for the X tunnel? or some
> similar setting to look at?

There is the ForwardX11Timeout setting (see 'man ssh_config'), but that can't
be the explanation for what you are seeing, as that doesn't apply with 'ssh -Y'

> The host is any Win32 or Win64, and the client is Ubuntu...

If you are saying that it doesn't work from any cygwin machine, connecting to
one particular ubuntu server, that should be a pointer that something has
changed on the ubuntu server.

> I also tried manually setting the DISPLAY environmental variable...

If you are setting DISPLAY to point directly at your Cygwin/X server, you will
need to permit access from the remote host, as described in the 'insecure
telnet' section of [1].  Protip: don't do this, it's insecure :-)

On 19/03/2011 15:31, Phlip wrote:
>>>  kate: cannot connect to X server localhost:10.0
>> Have you tried ssh -Y instead of -X ?
> Nope; just tried it, and it didn't work, with the same symptom.

You might find adding '-v' to your ssh command for extra verbosity sheds some
light on what's going on.

> The source is always a CygWin xterm with a little bash inside.
> Got a log file I can look at?

I think you have that backwards.

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You didn't attach cygcheck output, so no one knows what version of anything
you are running, so all this advice is purely speculative.

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