Can't use -fullscreen with two screens - XWin fatal server error: InitOutput - Couldn't add screen 1

Sat Mar 5 17:50:00 GMT 2011

On 18/02/2011 17:52, Alexander Pokluda wrote:
> When I give the -fullscreen argument to XWin using two screens, a
> window pops up with the error
> InitOutput - Couldn't add screen 1
> and
> Aborted (core dumped)
> is printed in the bash shell.
> The following command lines work perfectly:
> XWin -fullscreen -screen 0 @2 -query
> XWin +xinerama -screen 0 @2 -screen 1 @1 -query
> but the command line
> XWin +xinerama -fullscreen -screen 0 @2 -screen 1 @1 -query
> produces the errors described above. I've attached the log and core
> dump files that were produced when running this command. Placing the
> -fullscreen argument at different locations in the command line, or
> using -fullscreen once for each -screen argument, seems to have
> slightly different effects (I got a segmentation fault once for
> instance), but the result is more or less the same. Can anyone tell me
> if it is possible to use two screens and have them both fullscreen?

This is an interesting problem, I don't think anyone has tried that
configuration before, and it exposes a limitation I wasn't previously aware of :-)

> [  1601.771] winAllocateFBShadowDDNL - Could not set cooperative level: 88760245
> [  1601.771] winFinishScreenInitFB - Could not allocate framebuffer
> [  1601.771] winScreenInit - winFinishScreenInit () failed
> [  1601.771] Fatal server error: InitOutput - Couldn't add screen 1


At the moment, XWin always puts exclusive full-screen windows on monitor 0, so
-fullscreen is only practically useful with a single X screen window, and this
isn't going to work the way you want to.  I think it could be made to work
that way, but from a brief investigation it would require using a later
version of the DirectX API than it's currently written to in order to put
full-screen windows other than on monitor 0.

For the moment, I think I shall add a fix so it doesn't crash when given this
combination of options, and document this limitation to -fullscreen.

As a workaround, I'd suggest you use -nodecoration instead of -fullscreen,
which should be almost as good.

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