how to enable shared memory?

Ekkard Gerlach
Sun Jul 24 11:55:00 GMT 2011

shared memory is indeed enabled with  net start cygserver !
Starting "kuickshow" graphics viewer in a little bit newer 
version 0.8.13 instead of 0.8.6 works! 
The uncommented arguments enable shared memory, in WinXP 
"Services" there ist a cygserver serice started with 
net start cygserver. When I stop it in WinXP Services 
the kuickshow picture become black again, thats the proof. 
Unfortunately kuickshow in version 0.8.6 (Suse 9.2) 
doesn't work with cygwin share memory, maybe the older
X-System of Suse 9.2 (xorg-6.8.1 ) ist the fault, I don't understand
much of that.

Perhaps somebody here has a further idea.

Thx to all for all who participated, thx for help!


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