how to enable shared memory?

Ekkard Gerlach
Sun Jul 24 02:43:00 GMT 2011

I found some stuff on my own:

searching "missing cygrunsrv" with google leaded me to a 
not installed package cygrunsrv. I started setup.exe again, 
selected the Admin -> cygrunsrv and installed the package. 

Now cygserver-config runs, asked me whether to start cygserver
as service. I don't know why, I want to enabel shared memory only. 
The skript telled me to have generated /etc/cygserver.conf. 
I lookes at it: lots of options concerning shared mem. But 
I don't understand .. 

I uncommented some shared and shm stuff:

kern.srv.sharedmem yes

kern.ipc.shmmaxpgs 8192
kern.ipc.shmmni 192
kern.ipc.shmseg 128

After I stared cygwin again with startx -- -multiwindow  , 
I typed "xhost +" so that kuickshow from a linux-Server
can be displayed. But kuickshow png and jpg rest black. 

The script cygserver-config  proposed me to start cygserver
as service. The cygserver within den cygserver as service??
I don't understand. But I did so: 

net start cygserver
cygrunsrv -S cygserver

was proposed, I took net start cygserver  within a cygwin terminal. 
I got success messages. What is now better than before?

I started kuickshow from linux server again. But png and jpg
are still displayed black.

Is shared memory enabled now? How can I detect settings?
What have I to do to enabled shared memory?


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